Straight to the Point Vol. 20

Next Door Studios

Straight to the Point Vol. 20

$ 19.95

Straight to the Point Vol. 20 is here, and it will be the end of title that many of you have enjoyed over the last year and half. We like to think that we went out with a "bang" on this last volume, but as many of you know, we always have more than a little "bang" in each of our releases. Or new action line will be called Next Door Buddies, so don't worry, you will still be able to purchase all of our hot scenes on DVD. Thanks to everyone for making the Straight to the Point series a best seller, and as always we hope you enjoy this one as much as the rest!


Featuring Kyle Rivers, Samuel, Dylan McLovin, Slade, Richard Cynderblock, Taj Waters, Brandon Monroe, Patrick Rouge, Jonny T, Issac Conn, & Kenny

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