Straight to the Point Vol. 18

Next Door Studios

Straight to the Point Vol. 18

$ 19.95

Ever draw sticks with 3 of your friends to see which one of you is going to be the one who gets fucked by everyone else? Well, if you haven't, we have, and we got it on film! We also got 4 other perfectly matched pairs on film, fucking and sucking like we haven't seen in some time. We truly feel like this is one of the best groups of guys and scenes that we have ever put together. If you need proof just watch the video trailer below! Enjoy!


Featuring Jeremy Bilding, Breden, Christian Wilde, Dylan McLovin, Chad Clovis, Patrick Rouge, Ricky M, Jonny T, Marcus Steele, Phillippe Delvaux, Shane Erickson, & Clark Kent

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